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Monday, 21 November 2016

How To Open PayPal Account

As-salam to all muslims followers...and a very good Monday to all of you here!

How do you feel today? And happy working I wish to every workers around the globe.

PayPal is for people who enjoy shopping online then sending money to seller or to receive payments online. To open PayPal you must have an email and of course a bank linked with debit card or credit card that is still valid. This sharing is mainly for Malaysians users. Take note this is only images based sharing infos.

1-Click and visit PayPal MY and click Sign Up.

2- There are two options here. In this case you want to receive payments so read carefully RECEIVE PAYMENT WITH PAYPAL and click Get Started

3-Key in your valid email address

4-Check your email inbox and confirm the email by clicking the link given

5-Choose country. Key in your Legal name, Bank name, SWIFT code, and account number.

6-Now you can click and explore Summary, view Activity, Send / Request Payment or see the Wallet

 7- Login account by key in email and password and click Log In button

8- If you see this just Click No thanks, Maybe Later for this moment.

9- Make sure all these 4 things are confirmed and added by you.

You are all set. Happy shopping, sending and receiving money online. Till then.

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